Schools To Remain Open Decides Education Ministers

Schools To Remain Open Decides Education Ministers

A meeting of federal and provincial education ministers decided to keep the schools open. This brave decision came when corona cases are spiking again. The meeting was headed by federal minister Shafqat Mehmood.

The decision is said to be made unanimously after the detailed briefing from health officials in the online meeting. The participants of the meeting felt the situation to be under control and not so bad. They agreed that in the existing situation closure of schools was needless.

The ministers decided to keep the educational institutes across the county open.

The meeting also discusses the matter of winter vacations as the academic year has already lost many days to corona lockdown. At this point, Punjab decided to cancel the winter vacations while other provinces could not come up with the final decision. As their geography and the climatic situation may make the winter vacation inevitable. Therefore, the other provinces would decide after examining the situation.

Here it is worth mentioning that news about the KP government opting for early winter vacations is also revolving around the internet.

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After meeting the education minister of Punjab tweeted about the decision of keeping the schools open and simultaneously negate all the speculations of schools’ closure referring to them as “Fake News”. 

The next meeting to ponder on the situation by the education minister is planned for December 2020.