Trump Returning to Social Media With His Own Platform.

Trump Returning to Social Media With His Own Platform.

Former American President, Donald Trump, who was banned from all social media platforms Plans to make his entry back into the digital world with his own platform. The Premier's Twitter account which had almost 88 million followers got suspended due to "the risk of further incitement of violence" as stated by the company. 

The news of Trump's return is broken by his senior advisor who stated that the premier will launch his own platform within two to three months. Jason Miller, a spokesman for Trump’s 2020 campaign, reportedly said that the platform would completely redefine the game. However, no further comments were made or no more information was revealed by the premier's spokesperson in this regard. 

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Noticeably, Former President Donald Trump, suspended from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites after the January 6th attack on the Capitol. 

However, last week, Twitter said that it is reviewing its policies in which it is being considered that whether it should ban world leaders or not, or treated as the other users or not. It further said that Twitter will seek public input on when and how the public leaders should be banned from the platform.

Twitter, Facebook and others have been under scrutiny for the way they handle accounts of politicians and government officials after their ban of Trump for inciting violence.

Facebook, which indefinitely suspended Trump in January, has asked its independent oversight board to decide whether the ban should stand.