Exports In Pakistan Increasee By 6%

Exports In Pakistan Increasee By 6%

Adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood has revealed that the exports in Pakistan have increased by 6%. This increment is worth US$1.872 billion.

This important data was shared via Twitter, he said: “The export figures for Sep 2020 have shown improvement. As compared to Sep 2019, our exports have grown 6% to USD 1.872 billion.”

 “Although this is better than the decrease of 15% in Aug 2020, I still feel that with sufficient backlog of orders we can do much better,” he added.

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More so, the exporters were appreciated for their efforts and were encouraged by Dawood to get more orders from the markets that are already there and also newer markets. He said,  “I am hopeful that in October 2020 we will have further growth.”