How To Create Strong Passwords

How To Create Strong Passwords

The security of your Mobile phone, bank account, an internet device, and email account depends on how well you protect it with passwords.

The entrance path for your online world is to unlock it with strong passwords, but it is always challenging to create a unique and different password that you can actually memorize, or else you will make it your habit of using the same login credentials for multiple accounts, which is really bad.  For ease, people used to keep similar passwords for multiple websites, social accounts, mobile phones and email accounts. In case of a password breach, you have to change the password for each and every medium which is so hectic to perform.

If you are using weak passwords then you can face serious consequences, like identity theft. According to standards of 27001 ISO information security is more important and people are more vulnerable to breaching confidential information.

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There are some rules defined in ISO 27001 standards for password protection which are described below:

• Avoid telling your password to any person 
• Never store your passwords on a laptop or mobile phones
• Do not use common words and character combinations in your password
• Longer passwords are better: 8 characters is a starting point
• Don't recycle your passwords
• Avoid using passwords known to be stolen
• Periodically reset your password
• Use two-factor authentication (2FA)