WhatsApp accounts can be used up to four devices soon

WhatsApp accounts can be used up to four devices soon

Facebook’s instant messaging service WhatsApp has confirmed that it is working on a feature that will enable multiple devices to be linked to a single account.

CEO ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ confirmed to news outlet WaBetaInfo (an independent portal to find news and real-time updates about WhatsApp) that multi-device support will be arriving on the app “shortly”.

According to WhatsApp head ‘Will Cathcart’, users will be able to connect up to four devices to a single account. The company is also working on introducing a dedicated WhatsApp app for the iPad, he elaborated.

As per Zuckerberg, the multi-device attribute will not compromise the end-to-end encryption.

Previously, WhatsApp verified that most users have already accepted the new privacy policy update who have seen it. But the ones who still haven’t accepted the policy will continue to get reminders.

“The WhatsApp will continue to display a notification regarding providing more information about the update and a reminder to those who haven’t had a chance to do so to review and accept”.

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According to the new policy, the messages you sent to businesses via WhatsApp will also be shared with Facebook. It means that messaging a business on WhatsApp is not like a personal chat with your friends and family. The one-on-one chats will remain private and cannot be accessible by anyone as the platform is end-to-end encrypted.