Is PTA & TikTok Collaborating For Resumption Of App's Services?

Is PTA & TikTok Collaborating For Resumption Of App's Services?

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Senior management of TikTok held a virtual meeting to discuss the resumption of the app in the country.

The PTA issued a Press Release that stated the details of the discussion of the two parties "in an effort to have meaningful engagement with PTA, and in compliance with instructions of the Authority with respect to moderating the unlawful online content in accordance with laws of Pakistan.”

The TikTok senior representative all the efforts being taken by their team to enhance the content and improve its quality.

Chairman PTA has requested a timeline for the actions proposed while acknowledging the app's management efforts.

 “Both sides resolved to continue their engagement to arrive at a mutually acceptable mechanism to continue to provide safe internet experience to the users in Pakistan,” the press release concluded.

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It is important to mention here that the TikTok was blocked in Pakistan on October 9. More so, on October 13, a petition was filed against the use of a VPN by a local citizen to block the access of TikTok through a VPN.

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