Is The Main Suspect Of Motorway Incident Actually Arrested?

Is The Main Suspect Of Motorway Incident Actually Arrested?

Abid Malhi, the prime suspect of the motorway gang rape case was arrested on Monday from manga mandi by the Lahore crime investigation agency (CIA) police.

The arrest took place because of the police strategy to let Malhi’s parents, spouse, and brother to leave and tracing their phone calls after their phones were activated again.

The police were able to trap Abid Malhi via a phone call he made to his mother.

Punjab Operations Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Sohail Sukhera has confirmed Abid’s arrest and said that their strategy of tracing him through his family was successful.

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He stated that the police’s special team was able to trace his location to Faisalabad, where the culprit was hiding.

DIG Sukhera explained that the suspect suggested meeting his mother at Manga Mandi after he found out they were released by the police and the police officials waited for him there.

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As soon as he entered the house, the police raided and made an arrest, without any resistance.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan Shehbaz Gill also confirmed the arrest of Abid Malhi.

The motorway incident shook the entire country and created outrage, after a mother was gang-raped on the motorway from Lahore to Sialkot on Sept 9 in front of her two kids, when her car had to stop because she ran out of fuel very late in the night.

The other suspect named Shafqat has already been sent to prison on a 14-day judicial remand.