Switzerland Cannot Match the Beauty of Pakistan: PM Imran Khan

Switzerland Cannot Match the Beauty of Pakistan: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday highlighted the importance of tourism in Pakistan during his visit to Naran and mentioned that the beauty of tourist spots in the country even couldn’t beat Switzerland, reported.

While talking to tiger force members in Naran, the PM stated that he was glad to see a greater number of trees being planted in the area during the aerial visit.

“Our future generations would be grateful to us for caring for them this way,” he said and further stated that previously the forests and trees were ruined.

According to him, Pakistan’s beauty is matchless and no place in the world could compete with it and they must take good care of Almighty Allah’s blessings like this.

The PM Khan also emphasized the need to hire local volunteers to monitor forests due to their more awareness of the local dynamics and they know who is involved in cutting trees in their respective areas.

“People love River Kunhar’s Trout fish across the country,” the premier said while stressing another potential of tourism and explained that the benefit of promoting tourism in these areas is to bring money and job employment opportunities for locals.

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PM Imran Khan further highlighted the tourism perspective and stated that even Switzerland could not match Pakistan’s beauty. “Switzerland is just half of the northern areas of Pakistan and still it generates US$80 billion from tourism.”